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  • 1 Tantra massage for you
    Dear Daniel, yes your work with me was so fantastic. I was able to have such a beautiful self-experience with myself. And being able to really feel my full femininity and beauty made me so empowered! I was able to feel all my joy and devotion to myself and also perceive what my true self is looking for, what step is next for me to live my true self more and more. Without taking me back or locking myself away. That's how I feel sometimes. I felt that everything was already there, inside me, just waiting to be lived and I think I'm sooooo beautiful, that's the most beautiful thing of all. I'm looking forward to more moments with this type and art of touch and to continue to immerse myself and feel there.
  • Klaus bei Katarzyna
    In einem Erfahrungsaustausch unter Tantramasseuren durfte ich eine wundervolle Massage von Katarzyna geniessen. Es war ein Erlebnis erster Güte. Was ich an einer guten Tantramassage als überaus magisch wahrnehme, ist das Eintauchen dürfen und können in einen Raum, der mich durch sinnliches Erleben mit meine Innersten in Kontakt bringt. Ganz ohne Anstrengung, federleicht. Besser, als alles, was mir z.b. durch Meditation möglich war. Klar, eine Tantramassage bietet ein Höchstmass an Entspannung und sinnlichem Genuss - man lernt dabei auch den eigenen Körper als sensibles und vielseitiges Instrument zur Vermittlung von Entzücken und Wonne neu kennen. Das generiert eine kaskade wünschenswerter Lebensgefühle wie Dankbarkeit, Glücksgefühle, Frieden. In Katarzyna habe ich eine tantrische Begleitung gefunden, von der ich nur als Meisterklasse sprechen kann. Es war vom ersten Moment an magisch. Ich schreib hier was, was man erleben muss, weil es in Worten schwer zu packen ist. Trotzdem: Es war für mich diese Mischung von völligem Aufgehoben sein und mich auch restlos hingeben zu dürfen. Durch jede Geste, jede Streicheleinheit wurde ich mit Liebe überschüttet. Das hat neben einem überfluessenden Mass an Genuss auch einiges an Gefühlen in mir angerührt, die was heilendes hatten. Ich bin Katarzyna für dieses unvergessliche Erlebnis sehr dankbar. Ich bin ein grosser Bewunderer ihrer Fähigkeit, sich auf so feinfühlige Weise auf jemanden einzulassen zu können, in Echtzeit Stimmungen aufzunehmen und darauf zu reagieren. Und da ist dieses gerüttelte, überfliessend Mass an Liebe, mit der sie beschenkt. Und natürlich eine Berührungsqualität der Extraklasse. Besser geht’s nicht!
  • 2 Salomé & Michael (individual workshop)
    Dear Daniel, We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful, enriching, profound and touching day with you. Your presence, your calm and natural manner and your wonderful nature have led us into a new world that has led us to ourselves and makes us want more. We felt cared for and respected and we are simply very grateful that we were able to experience and learn this from you as a couple. This experience takes us further as individuals and as a couple and continues to have an impact on various levels. It is a gift that you make yourself available and that you accompany people like us and guide them into the depths. How wonderful that more light and love can be experienced in the world - we urgently need that here on Mother Earth! May you also experience a lot of fulfillment, joy and trust. And heartfelt thanks also to Magdalena - she is a wonderful woman and helped us a lot with her open, cheerful and carefree manner, as she jumped in so spontaneously.
  • 3 Helene
    I have known Daniel for a long time and it is so valuable for me to know him. At the first appointment to go to Daniel for a tantra massage, my heart was pounding and I thought, oh what have you gotten yourself into. For me, the beautiful rooms were inviting and I immediately felt a little better. Daniel greeted me warmly and asked how I was doing. When I talk, I find it increasingly easier to talk about myself, my body, my wishes and concerns. I felt his sensitive, nice nature and that I could trust him. Yes, and the tantric massage was simply a gift. The wonderful touch on the skin, the warm oil on the body, the mindfulness towards me, simply wonderful. Then the intimate massage around my yoni and inside me was simply wonderful. I felt so good as a woman. Sensuality, joy, desire awakened my body. I found it so nice to just let go, take time for yourself and let whatever happens happen. Don't think about anything and receive what comes. I felt so joyful and energetic that I thought I would treat myself to a tantric massage a few times a year in the future. She gives me strength for everyday life, the joy of being a woman and a smile that accompanies me.
  • 4 Petra
    Dear Daniel, a few little lights have dawned on me in retrospect. A new experience was that I had no desire to have pleasure at all. I was present in my body, but it was more about the soul. I became very clearly aware of the importance of the Yoni as the guardian of deep female knowledge and primal power. I also really enjoyed our subsequent conversation. The fact that women often don't tell anyone that they're getting a tantric massage simply shocked me. This led from one question to the next. What does that say about our society? What does that do to us humans, etc.? Such topics don't leave me alone and I think about them long and carefully. You are truly called to this profession. Your warm, loving and mindful nature is a gift to humanity. I very much hope that one day this work will be appropriately recognized and appreciated in society. See you soon and with kind regards Petra
  • 5 Anonymous
    As the date of the tantric massage approached, I secretly wanted to back out - and yet I was amazed at what awaited me. I stood in front of the door of the Dakini, completely nervous, as if before an exam. Pure adrenaline rush mixed with a strong feeling of shame. Then the time had come: Daniel opened the door and welcomed me with such warmth that the stress and concerns that had become almost unbearable gave way to great relief. Daniel makes me feel like I can be who I am. I don't have to pretend. I am accepted for who I am – both physically and mentally. No matter how I think and what I say – I feel accepted and understood. The tantra massages are unique. Depending on my form on the day and the problems I'm currently dealing with, I experience a tantric massage completely differently, both physically and mentally. In the conversation before the massage, I can express any special wishes, if there are any - and do so very specifically and without taboos. The wonderful ambience in the Dakini also contributes to your well-being. Daniel devotes the greatest attention and respect to me. Communication during the massage helps and is important so that Daniel can respond to my emerging needs. Daniel can thereby support and intensify a beautiful sensation. The sensations couldn't be more different: at one point it becomes almost meditative and trance-like with inner images arising, at another point it is completely physical in nature and becomes almost animalistic and ecstatic. It's a wide spectrum of feelings that surprise me every time. I feel deeply relaxed and grounded – completely at home in my body. The tantric massages set a mental and physical process in motion. It's a journey to yourself. I've learned to love my body as it is - without any ifs or buts. It's a journey of discovery to my body - to myself. Every time it's exciting and complex. But it also opened my heart, I am more balanced, I have become more understanding. It goes far beyond sex and yet it is also a very central point. Through the physical experience, so many blockages of a sexual nature have been released. It's almost like dancing: I can enjoy, let myself be guided and seduced. I can unplug my brain. In addition, the pressure to succeed and fear of failure are eliminated. The professional framework guarantees me that I don't have to worry about any boundaries being crossed. Paradoxically, I recommend a tantra massage to women who experience sex with shame and taboos. A lot of healing can happen when it comes to this topic and has contributed to my personal development. I would like to encourage all women to take this step – it is a gift.
  • 6 Anonymous
    ""After I had already enjoyed a few massages in the Dakini from women, one of the masseuses asked me if I would like to register with a man. I would never have thought of the idea because I had the (wrong) idea that I wasn't young, attractive and free enough to open up to a man I don't know and allow him to be close to me. But all of this plays absolutely no role in the tantra massage, regardless of whether it is carried out by a woman or a man, because with this type of massage is not an "object of desire" but a receptive person. Daniel accepted my inhibitions and my reservations from the first moment! The first encounter with him opened up new worlds for me, the first time that I expressed MY erotic desires to a man His restraint, his questions and his response to my needs gave me freedom. Knowing that in this "professional and safe environment" I don't have to fear any attacks, I won't be judged, I'm just a woman with all her needs for closeness and tenderness and erotic - every time I can completely let go and just enjoy, with all my senses! Daniel takes care of all my feelings that may come out during the massage, nothing is wrong, everything is allowed: flights of fancy, tears , orgasms - I don't have to justify anything and I feel comfortable, fulfilled, nourished and "whole" every time and this lasts for weeks. Despite all my imperfection (who is perfect :-) ), thanks to these experiences I feel much more confident as a female, sexual being. Dare to not always just “give” but also to demand. I don't want to miss Daniel's massages anymore, they are a time out in which I am pampered, held, supported, and allowed to feel like a woman, a sexual being - no matter what my life situation is at the moment. I wish that many more women had the courage to treat themselves to this experience every now and then - it makes life richer and gives you freedom."
  • 7 Anonymous
    My experiences with the tantric massage with Daniel: The suggestion to go for the tantric massage came from my husband. At first I'm a little unsure whether I want to get involved with this idea, but inside I also feel that the tantra massage will do me good. I need some time to think because the following questions were on my mind: What will it be like for me to be touched intimately by a strange man? How do I cope with being naked? Can I let go and enjoy inside? What will the tantric massage do for me and how will it affect my marriage? But the curiosity and the appeal of the new thing prevail: Excited and excited, we are on the way to our first tantra massage. The first meeting begins with a conversation between four people, in which I get to know Daniel and my husband's masseuse. Afterwards we are each led into our own room. Before my tantra massage begins, I can talk to Daniel about my wishes and limits. I immediately feel at home with him and all my concerns have disappeared. Because of his trusting manner and the greeting ritual, I experience my nudity as natural. I surrender myself entirely to his hands and immerse myself in deep relaxation and an all-encompassing energetic state. My everyday worries are rapidly fading and I find myself in a timeless space. During the tantric massage I come into pleasurable contact with my inner primal woman and I feel an inner and outer beauty that has nothing to do with today's beauty ideals. What's fascinating to me is that Daniel intuitively responds to all of my wishes, even the unspoken ones. He slowly lets me emerge from this depth of relaxation and gently brings me back to reality. In the conversation after the massage, I can sort out my experiences with Daniel and arrive strengthened in everyday life. The reunion with my husband and the exchange on the way home about our own experiences, which to our surprise are very similar, give me great joy. For a long time after the tantra massage, I am accompanied by a feeling of inner peace and serenity, as well as a mixture of sensitivity and a feeling of security. In addition, my ability to enjoy the demanding everyday life is increased, which not only makes me more relaxed than before, but also has a balancing effect on my contact with my husband, my children and other people around me. My husband and I take more time for our togetherness and I also feel filled with positive energy at work that harmonizes soul, mind and body. The tantra massage has strengthened my intensity of life and the strength to face life's challenges.
  • 8 Martina
    “I experienced a wonderful immersion into my erotic being with Daniel in the Yoni massage. I have a lot of massage experience and am demanding when it comes to the way I touch. I found Daniel's touch to be very present and loving throughout. He knows how to establish authentic contact and at the same time completely withdraw in his own eroticism. This way he holds the sexual space for me without pressuring me. I experienced this as very sensual and close and yet very freeing and unintentional. This freedom and the appreciation that was shown to me as a woman and my body allowed me to sink deeply into my own lustful eroticism. I can recommend this massage to every woman who wants to experience new sensuality.”

Tantra massage for women

During this unique, holistic massage you will be touched on a mental, physical and emotional level. With me you are free - free from everyday burdens, shame and discomfort, free from fears and inhibitions.

Tao massage for women

Time to recharge!
In order to maintain feminine strength and charisma, it is essential to plan times of rest and relaxation into your everyday life.

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Essence for women

Deeply fulfilling essential!
Essenzia is a new dimension of massage.
We follow the ancient Taoist tradition according to which the breasts, womb and vulva are energetically connected through meridians.

Yoni massage for women

Discover the source of female pleasure!
During this massage your senses will be mindfully sensitized and opened.

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