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Yoni massage for women | Yoni healing massage in Zurich at Art-to-Touch - find access to female sexuality through Yoni massage & womb process support

What is a yoni healing massage?

With Yoni healing massage, we dedicate ourselves to a deeper healing process with a holistic approach.
Body therapy methods as well as elements from Tantra and sex therapy approaches are incorporated into the Yoni healing massage. But bioenergetic principles and knowledge from chakra theory are also used in a Yoni massage to heal various disharmony in the sexual sphere of the female body.

A yoni massage for women supports opening up to dealing with sexual needs. Through yoni healing massages, new feelings can be felt in the body, especially in connection with sexuality. A Yoni massage provides healing by giving you the strength to feel your own femininity and strengthen your self-confidence.


Wann kann eine Yoni-Massage angewendet werden?

Many women are aware of various disharmony surrounding sexuality, but are completely unaware of the feminine powers that lie dormant within them.
A significant part of what led to this lack of knowledge is buried deep in evolutionary history and only comes to light with female emancipation. For a long time there were major taboos and gender-specific inequalities in the area of ​​sexuality. Historically, women's feeling of pleasure in sexual relations with their husbands was frowned upon. Abuse also woven itself into this scenario. Historically, spiritual thought had nothing in common with sexuality.

If you find touch on the body or especially in the intimate area unpleasant, if you can hardly or not properly perceive your own body, if you have deep-seated problems reaching orgasm during sexual intercourse, or if you are generally unwell in connection with sexuality, a Yoni can be used -Massage provides healing.
The Yoni healing massage helps women who feel little or no pleasure in sexuality or who experience irritation during sexual intercourse or who are unable to fully develop their pleasure due to bad experiences. Pain during sexual intercourse as well as feelings of guilt and shame can also be treated with a yoni healing massage.

How does a yoni massage for women work?

If you decide to have a Yoni healing massage in Zurich, there will first be an approximately 3-hour session in which we will discuss your concerns and take a sexual and touch history to assess your awareness of your history and current condition. In the following 2-3 healing massages, we slowly prepare the body for the actual Yoni healing massage in order to create trust for what the womb process support provides.

In the first session of the Yoni massage there is a detailed discussion in which the topic is explained and the sexual and touch history takes place. This first session of Yoni massage takes place clothed. It is important to first look at where and why what kind of pain, discomfort or problematic memories exist. This is the only way I can adapt to my clients individually and, together with you, identify disharmonious causes and slowly move on from the womb process support with the healing massages tailored to your personal needs to the Yoni healing massage in Zurich.

Yoni massage with sexual history

Together with you, we will explore your sexual memories and experiences during the Yoni healing massage. Before intimate touch can take place during a Yoni massage and bring about healing, it is important that you become aware of your sexual history and that I can obtain information for further womb space process support. We approach your memories in a very slow and very careful manner. You will understand yourself better, but also your female sexuality. During the womb process support, I will pick you up where you are emotionally now and accompany you in your personal discovery of your female sexuality.

Touch history - part of the Yoni healing massage in Zurich

The touch history is also an important part of my Yoni healing massage in Zurich. In this step we find out exactly where unrest and internal problems arise when touched and localize them. A scale of 1 to 10 helps define how it feels to you and how strongly these stored emotions are linked to the touch and how it can change during the touch.

Through the conversation in the first session and the subsequent healing massages, we establish a connection between body, mind and soul in about 3 to 4 appointments and very slowly prepare you for the Yoni massage. Here you are given the opportunity to relax in a slow process of trusting yourself and then allowing the stored energies to be released into the flow of the system.

A session lasts 3 hours including rest and time to integrate the new experiences. During this time your body learns to relax through Yoni healing massage. By slowly relaxing and trusting the body, deeper traumas or blockages can become apparent and be released through new sensations.
The womb space process support helps to gradually shed the so-called “onion skins”. This means a reorganization of feelings, body perception and connections to the brain

Experience sexual intercourse enjoyably and painlessly

New life force and energies that revitalize the entire body strengthen your womanhood. Feel clarity and love for yourself and for female nature and life. Enjoy your body, no matter how old your body is. Give him back what he needs and what makes you happy. Through the womb space process support, this is done carefully so that your body can slowly adjust to the new inner connection with your soul.

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