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The art of touching

I invite and encourage couples and singles to use the opportunity of tantra massage to have the experience of enjoying their own sensuality without performance or pressure of expectations, to learn sensual massage and to explore touch as body language communication between the giver and the taker .


Welcome to your own journey of discovery! To be seen, heard, understood and touched lovingly and consciously is one of the most beautiful gifts that couples can give each other!

Healing through loving and sensual touch.

Tantra massage has a special place in the art of touch. Tantra affirms sexuality and connects it with the heart, making it an extraordinary experience. With heart and hand, spirit and mind. The tantra massage is a physically and mentally relaxing and at the same time sensually stimulating and sensitizing massage.

In Tantra, the body is revered as the temple of the soul and in Tantra massage it is sensitized and opened to the finest touches that get under the skin.

Many of us today long for deep touch. Ultimately, we long to be touched through the body in our soul.

I give you the opportunity to experience contact with your partner or, for singles, with a female model and to experience how supportive it can be for the person giving and the receiving person to have respectful, attentive, loving and mindful contact with themselves yourself and your partner.


I will accompany you on how this contact can become more intensive and effective through sensing and feeling through your own hands, as well as through communication


I look forward to accompanying you on your journey.

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