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The tantric massage for women - desire and body combined

As a woman, would you like to enjoy a tantra massage in Zurich and be able to rely on the professionalism of the offer? Art-to-Touch offers sensual massages for women in Zurich, which offer holistic relaxation for the body and libido. This way, women can enjoy Tantra and the emotions associated with it and discover themselves and their bodies from a whole new perspective.
During a tantric massage, you as a woman will learn to perceive your body more in a very beautiful, mindful and loving way. Many parts of your body that are still unexplored are enlivened by gentle, clear touches.

Daniel's tantric massage is a combination of years of experience and a combination of spiritual healing, light and love as well as body energetic methods that connect body, mind and soul and incorporate sexuality in a natural way. Tantra massage is based on the unity of body, mind and soul, which combines sexuality, spirituality and sensuality. Loving mindfulness and veneration of femininity are the focus here. A tantric massage for women awakens their sexual power. The movement of sexual energy is not tied to anything. This is the power without which there would be no life. The full acceptance and adoring attitude create real encounters on a sensual level.

Women & Tantra - more than just desire

If you as a woman book a tantra massage in Zurich, a lot of time will always be taken for you. This means that the preliminary discussion is also part of a good tantra massage. Because desire and body are just two of the aspects of such a massage. Here at Art-to-Touch you will be noticed and taken seriously without reducing external appearances. When it comes to tantra massage for women, the focus is not on gaining pleasure, but rather on awakening sexual energies and the associated release of femininity.
The sensual massages for women can of course also trigger pleasure in the body. You don't have to be ashamed of it, but you can accept it as a part of you and your sexuality.
Do you have the need to perceive your body holistically with your deep self? Would you like to experience yourself in your feminine power and encounter your sensuality and your erotic components in a loving and new way?
Then Art-to-Touch in Zurich is the right place for you.

Many women lack connection to their own body and its emotional and spiritual aspects. Due to the taboo surrounding physical closeness and sexuality, they often don't know what they need and what is good for them. That's why so many people who receive a massage are amazed at how intense they can feel. Many women can then get involved with their bodies and have more and more courage to live as they are and what corresponds to their nature.

Open blockages & release energies - sensual massage for women in Zurich

Many women are inhibited in their feminine strength because it has been paralyzed by our history, bad experiences and events. Women and Tantra always mean recognizing precisely these inhibitions. If you as a woman book a tantra massage in Zurich, your energies will be automatically released.
Often, being alone, no or little physical closeness, shame, bad experiences such as abuse are the reasons for a divided perception of contact with oneself and one's true nature. For dissociations, trauma, rape, abuse, dyspareunia and pain during sexual intercourse, I recommend the gentle path of Yoni healing massage .
Tantra massages help you to activate your body in a loving way and to reunite the lost parts of your body with your mind and soul.

You can relax with the tantric massage for women. Through grips, movements and touches, pleasure is awakened in the body, energy is released and distributed throughout the entire body. You will be surprised at how powerful sensual massages for women in Zurich can ensure that you experience both physical and mental sexual harmony. Women's Tantra also pays close attention to your individual boundaries and taboos. Every woman can enjoy the Tantra massage in a relaxed manner and switch off her head. Of course, you can develop at your own pace and slowly open up to a full-body massage from massage to massage. The intimate area will be included or left out as agreed in the preliminary discussion.

Oral or genital intercourse does not take place!

A tantra massage in Zurich can cover a wide range of topics for a woman that she has never had before or that she is currently missing in her life, such as:

  • nourishing closeness

  • Relaxation through soothing touch

  • to be able to have pleasure without pressure and performance

  • expansion of sexual power

  • Combining spirituality with sexuality

  • Regain access to his body

  • Love for yourself and your body will invigorate

  • holistic perception

  • Retrain body perceptions through healing touch

  • To experience deep relaxation in the physical and libido alike.

Tantra massage in Zurich - desire or relaxation?

Sensual massages for women are not a sexual service. It is a holistic approach. Even if the woman feels pleasure in her body during the tantric massage and sexual energies develop, which can also lead to ecstatic discharges and climaxes, it is not about achieving a goal, but about awakening the strengths and sexual energies. So that the female power can fully develop, the blockages and old memories are loosened during the tantric massage.

Other effects of massage for women:

  • Relaxation for body, mind and soul

  • recharge through nourishing touch

  • Feel comfortable through security and a professional setting

  • through clearly communicated boundaries in the preliminary conversation, being able to let go

  • Learning to open up through true closeness, without being tied to a relationship

  • Personal development, spirituality and sexuality

  • feel the power of life

  • ... and much more that lies dormant within you.

High  safety standards  for tantra massage for women in Zurich

The sensual massages for women in Zurich are carried out to high standards. In the preliminary discussion, relevant physical limitations are clarified and the woman's taboos and wishes are addressed. The professionally equipped and discreet rooms provide the security that makes you feel comfortable. The feedback from women provides a small insight into the diverse experience of tantra massage for women.

I want you to enjoy Tantra and experience a light, full-body, relaxed and orgasmic state of being!

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