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Tantra massage holiday seminar on Corfu

Would you like to recharge your batteries with sun and energy in a wonderful place on the Mediterranean or simply unwind?
Do you long for decelerated being and soothing, nourishing touch? Soul food? And all of this together with other people who inspire you?
That's good! Then come with us to Corfu.


10.8. - 8/16/24 Daniel & Katarzyna (little/no experience)

17.8. - 8/23/24 Pamela Behnke (advanced) 


Bewusster lieben und leben eV


Overview of our Tantra holiday seminar

Get out of the hamster wheel to recharge your batteries! Here we take time to perceive ourselves and to enjoy ourselves and the world around us with all our senses. We focus our inner attention on “just being” in the here and now. The Alexis Zorbas Center is located on the Mediterranean island of Corfu and here we immerse ourselves in the combination of yoga, meditation, beach, nourishing touch and silence.

And if you want, the seminar house offers mantra singing with Satya and Pari on some of the evenings. Being together with like-minded people... impressive sunsets... the endless expanse of the sea... the atmosphere of Arillas is soulful, invigorating, moving.
The town of Arillas offers you a sandy beach, nice cafes and bars that turn the seminar into a vacation. Impressive sunsets, a walk to dinner on the sandy beach, the incomparable starry sky allow us to arrive in nature. And of course... lots of exciting encounters.

Seminar content of our Tantra holiday seminar

Join us on the island of Corfu and enjoy a week full of happiness and unleashed feelings in close contact with wonderful people in the natural magic of the Mediterranean.

The tranquil village of Arillas nestles on the west coast of Corfu in the Ionian Sea. There we go on a very special tantric journey together and immerse ourselves in an emotional dance full of mindfulness and present touch.

Let your soul be carried in the hands of people who have little or no experience in tantric massage.


Special attention is given to touch rituals and the four-hand massage as well as getting to know the tantra massage. Dedicate yourself to your feelings without haste and listen to the existence of being, immerse yourself with the group in warm attention in a wonderful dance of the senses, while the warm summer wind caresses our bodies with the scent of pine needles and sea salt. On our tantric journey in the Alexis Zorbas seminar house, in addition to the taste of the touch of the tantric massage, you will also find time for free dancing into the sunset, warm nights full of joy of life and a naked swim in the sea in the first rays of the morning sun.

If we feel like it, we hike the island in large and small groups, sing together and enjoy shared moments of uninhibited joy. With Daniel and Katarzyna, experienced trainers will open up a unique space for you to experience an intensive and fulfilling journey full of sensuality and liberated feelings with yourself and your people and to arrive in the here and now.
Give space to your desires and give yourself seven days to worship your essence. We look forward to seeing you.

The Greek island of Corfu (Greek: Kerkyra) lies opposite the southern tip of Italy at the exit of the Adriatic Sea. It is known for its mild climate by Greek standards and is also called “the green island”. Since it can get very hot in August, we can enjoy touching in the seminar room from 10:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. 
The flight duration is, for example, 2 hours from Zurich / The island can also be reached via Italy and a ferry.


For early risers there is the option of a guided “Good Morning Hike” from 7:30 a.m. to around 9:30 a.m. or yoga from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. These offers can be attended voluntarily outside of the seminar (Alexis Zorbas will inform you upon arrival).

A wonderful spot on the island

The Alexis Zorbas Center is located in the extreme northwest of what is probably the greenest Greek island of Corfu, in the small town of Arillas, about 45 km from the capital. The ideal address for all holidaymakers who are looking for more than is usually offered. Here you will find a Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine, quiet olive forests, beautiful bays with clean beaches, clear water, Greek lifestyle and hospitality and lots of peace and relaxation.



Our little Arillas valley is truly blessed with a very beautiful beach and a magnificent sea. This is the best place to remember what is important in life... The guest houses and seminar rooms are located on a hill from which you have a wide view of the village and the bay of Arillas. Our Zorbas restaurant with reception is located right in the center of this arrangement and is no more than a 5-minute walk from all houses. We also welcome our guests here.

Time to arrive: As soon as you arrive, you notice that there is a different rhythm here - everything goes slower, as the Greeks say: Siga siga... (slowly slowly)

Bon appetit!

The seminar center's restaurant is located right in the middle of the town and the roof terrace offers a wonderful view over the Bay of Arillas. During our Tantra holiday seminar we will be treated to a rich breakfast buffet with tea, coffee and juices as well as a multi-course vegetarian dinner. The town of Arillas offers local restaurants that you can visit in your free time. One of the evenings we will go out for dinner together at one of our favorite restaurants.


Zorbas Travel
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Alexis Zorbas Center
Mobile: +30. 6977. 895 906
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Please only book the room after receiving the seminar confirmation!

Booking & dates tantra massage holiday seminar on Corfu

Aug 2024
For singles and couples (beginners)

08/10/2024 - 08/17/2024 Tantra holiday seminar Corfu - Book a seminar now

For singles and couples (advanced)
08/17/2024 - 08/24/2024 Tantra holiday seminar Corfu - Book a seminar now

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