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Daniel Höppli

I was able to learn the first healing method (universal energy) in 1994. Here I learned how to free the human energy centers, the so-called “chakras,” from blockages. Because of the fascination of this work, I continued on this path. I expanded my knowledge in 2000 and learned, among other things, the art of “Jin Shin Jyutsu”. This healing art serves to harmonize the life energy in the human body. Through these healing methods, I experienced my own self-healing process and did further research so that I was able to experience and learn a variety of other variations of healing.

In 2007 my path led me to my own sexuality, which had a history and also wanted to be looked at. Here I discovered the wisdom of Tantra and the Tantra massage, which brought me into harmony with my body, my soul and my sexuality. I am experiencing a completely new way of experiencing and enjoying sexual life. In 2012 I started offering tantric massages for women and men at Dakini in Zurich.

As my desire to connect body, mind, soul as well as spirituality and sexuality continued to grow, I attended further training courses in, among other things, sexual counseling and spiritual healing as well as mediumship.
In 2013, after years of working with myself, I experienced a new awareness of having arrived. That was a huge gift for me. I had a revelation, so to speak, and realized my abilities as a healer.

From now on, I incorporated this gift and all the knowledge I had acquired into my massages and sessions. Since 2017 I have been passing on this potential as an instructor (Zinnoberschule) of tantric massages.

My stations

  • Couple training – HerzRevolution - BLL Institute (Connecting Love and Tantric Sexuality) 2022

  • Trance Healing Arthur Findlay College 2022

  • Spiritual healing day courses with Bill Thomson (teacher from Arthur Findlay College) 2021

  • Instructor seminar MentorenSchule Klagenfurt (Lais principle) 2019

  • Recognized trainer in tantric massages from the tantra massage association TMV since 2017

  • Lai's course module 1 2015

  • Quodushka 1 training 2015

  • Sexual counselor training 2011 - 2014

  • Spiritual Healing & Mediumship Further Training 2013

  • Tantra masseur at the Dakini Institute in Zurich since 2012

  • Sexological Bodyworker Training 2010-2011

  • Tantric massage training 2009 - 2010

  • Founded my own practice in 2009

  • Tantra seminars at Art of Being 2007

  • Jin Shin Jyutsu further training as a self-help teacher in 2007

  • Media training 2006

  • Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner 2005

  • Jin Shin Jyutsu courses since 2002

  • Federal HR specialist Certificate 1997

  • Universal Energy Courses 1993 - 1993

  • HR consultant, clerk, management position 1990 - 2007

  • Apprenticeship as a road builder, then various professions in the craft sector 1984 - 1990

Tel./sms/Signal/WhatsApp: +41(0)79 631 18 63


Katarzyna Kohlbacher

I have been on a journey of discovery of myself for many years. I was enthusiastically allowed to take part in my first Tao & Experience tantric massages and find out that the beautiful you are not to be found on the outside, but rather on the inside. It made me curious to explore the field of mindful touch, presence & encounter, so that my self-perception changed dramatically in a short space of time. I was allowed to get closer to myself, layer by layer & find out what I really love about myself. At the same time, I am on the way to dealing with the still unloved parts of myself. Behind every trigger and every unpleasant feeling there is a treasure waiting that just needs enough space to reveal itself.

On my journey I was able to make another discovery: How great it can feel to receive the wonderful touch of someone else without giving anything in return! I express everything that I am - be it lust, enjoyment, fun, joy, anger, sadness & everything that wants to be in this moment. This gave me the opportunity to cultivate appreciation for my body again and again. I feel blessed that I can pass on what I have experienced about myself & I can accompany people into the beauty of their inner being through my work.

I was born in Poland, have lived in Switzerland since 1994 and am the mother of a wonderful daughter.

About my work

I love inspiring people with music, touch & To accompany presence into its own depth. The music is created intuitively through various sound and rhythm instruments. The touch comes from Taoist, Tantric & intuitive massages. The presence flows from my heart.

It's wonderful to be able to witness how a person just lies there, completely with themselves & full of pride in his naked body. It's as if he/she wants to say: This is me. I stand by everything & I'm not ashamed of anything. The slowness of touch creates space & Time to feel yourself, internalize & to find deep relaxation - and to notice which touch feels good to me.

In courses & In seminars I can observe how the person giving the massage is mindful, caring & gives touch with devotion. That's what love means to me: love for yourself & Love for the other person. If you research the world of massages, so will your counterpart. It's a small miracle: you pass on what enriches you. In the process of discovery you get to know each other & feel what makes you alive. You experience how many ways you can touch & can massage & Give yourself permission to consciously try things out: What does it take on the way to discovering sexual pleasure? ... because sexual energy gives life force.

My stations

  • Couple Training – HerzRevolution - BLL Institute (Connecting Love and Tantric Sexuality)

  • Assistance and co-management of tantra massage training and courses - Zinnoberschule

  • Co. Lead Tao Massage Courses – Art-To-Touch

  • Training with Martina Franck – space for femininity to develop

  • Quodoushka 1. - Training (The sexual practices of Quodoushka: Teachings from the Nagual Tradition)

  • Tao Massage Training – Art-to-touch

  • Tantra massage training – Zinnoberschule (TMV certified tantric masseuse)

  • Sexological Bodywork Tantra Massage introductory courses

  • Body-oriented music, movement and dance – IAC Zurich training

  • Foundation of Kindertreff-Männedorf (holistic play areas for small children)

Inquiry/appointmentTel./sms/Signal/WhatsApp: +41 (0)79 820 83 84

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